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Before Sealing

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After Sealing

Color Tinted Sealing Specialits

Who we are

Personalised Approach

Concrete Innovations is run by Glen Hubbard who has decades of experience in all things concrete. Whether it’s placing of concrete or worn areas that need revamping and concrete crack repair, we provide the solution you require. We take care of the entire project from start to finish and clean up afterwards,providing durable, unique, quality results.

What We do


Look no further if you are after the highest quality concrete sealed  finish. We offer professional service with open lines of communication all along the process to ensure you love the end result.


We stand by our work. Whether it's a residential concrete repair job an industrial application or placing of concrete, every job large or small is treated with the same care and attention. We will always ensure a clean worksite as well.

Our Values


We take pride in our srevice and have built up a reputation in delivering quality finishes and reliability.


For concrete renovations and new concrete that will stand the test of time you can trust Concrete Innovations to deliver a high-end eye-catching result. We have a reputation in the industry for high-quality and attention to detail.