Concrete restoration, crack & chip repairs

Concrete Repair

We are Mapei approved applicators of concrete repair applications for both domestic and industrial repairs, which include crack repair and floor leveling products. Mapei is an international group with repair systems that are far more durable than concrete.

We open up the crack with an angle grinder and fill the crack repair resin and or paste. Once set the repaired crack is ground flat with the concrete surface. The repaired crack is stronger than the concrete and is visible, which is acceptable in industrial applications,but requires over-coating of the entire floor in domestic and commercial applications.

Chips and crumbling concrete, especially on the sides of joins are repaired in a similar manner.

The repairs are done in the same way for industrial or domestic applications, but domestic repairs need to have either a tinted sealer over the area or and overlay system otherwise the repaired cracks will be visible.


See some before and after shots below.


Concrete Cleaning / Clear Sealer for concrete or pavers / Colour Tinted Sealer / Stamped concrete clean and seal / Painting of Concrete / Acid Etching / Grinding/salt and pepper

Concrete cleaning and sealing


We remove algae and dirt from exposed aggregate concrete and apply a clear resin based sealer, which brings it back to life and retards the formation of algae and dirt and makes the exposed concrete easier to clean.


We also clean and seal plain concrete, either in a clear or coloured sealer, giving it a pristine new look, enhancing and adding value to you home.


Acid Etching

Concrete is acid etched, by applying diluted acid and water blasting, in repeated actions until the desired salt and pepper finish is achieved, after which it is sealed with clear concrete sealer; giving a very pleasing delicate finish to concrete which is very hard wearing and non-slip.

Grinding with a salt and pepper finish.

Resurfacing / Overlays / Grout repair / Decorative cuts


A cementitious non slip coating is is applied to existing exterior concrete surfaces, bringing them back to life and making them look brand new. Available in many colours.



Polymer modified overlay is applied in a layer over existing old concrete, from as thin as a credit card to  several centimeters thick, without delamination or failure. They adhere very well to existing concrete and resist damage from chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions and abrasion.


Troweled on overlays

Many highly pleasing looks can be achieved from this very versatile product. Suitable for BBQ areas, patios, pool surrounds, paths, verandas.


Spray on overlays

Applied using stencils in a wide variety of options to create a clean tiled finish. The texture is slightly rougher than other overlays, but this gives it a unique sprayed look. Driveways can be completely transformed with this product.

Grout repair

Old grout is removed and replaced with either the same grout or a flexible joint filler.

Decorative cuts

Decorative cuts is the latest and improved way to cut concrete into 'tiles'. Instead of a deep narrow cut on a wide cut that is subsequently filled with grout this way is merely a groove cut in the concrete which can't ever break up and have to be replaced, see image below.


Driveway after


Micro-topping, Acid Stain Metallic Epoxy, Flake Epoxy Coloured Epoxy Floor Coatings

Seamless Microtoppings

These beautiful seamless floor finishes are increasing in popularity and make areas look bigger than they are. The look is of a warm ‘living’ colour, with either greater or lesser mottled variation in colour depending on individual tastes.

Layed between 1 to 3 mm thick. Although thin, they are a highly durable option when laid by an experienced applicator.

These floors are far warmer than tiles and polished concrete and probably the easiest floor to keep clean. Sunlight on these floors during the day heats up the floor and warmth is slowly released during the evening, which is wonderful in winter.

Perfect for Dining rooms, kitchens bathrooms and lounges


Acid Stain

From subtle variations in colour to very bold effects, this is the most versatile of finishes. The concrete is acid stained using various colours and dilutions to literally change the colour of the concrete by permanently staining it. A highly creative experienced applicator is required to achieve the desired finish. The floor is sealed with a hard wearing clear sealer.

Concrete resurfacing  

Old dull, grey concrete can be transformed very economically with cement based, highly durable concrete resurfacing products, available in a variety of colours, adding value to your home.

Metallic epoxy

Is taking the world by storm and although often laid as a highly glossy finish, it is also available in a matt finish. It does need to be applied by a creative, experienced team. Two or more colours are applied and blended by various techniques to create a highly unique effect, where no two floors are ever the same.

Epoxy flake floors

Very hard wearing and available in a number of colour combinations. Epoxy flake is ideal for garage floors, kitchens, bathrooms, rumpus rooms and commercial applications.


Epoxy floors

For those who enjoy a very hygienic and clinical one colour floor, this product is ideal for house, garage and commercial floors. Many options are available from thin highly economical roll on applications to mirror/ like finishes.