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Do you give free consultations and quotes?
Yes - just email or contact us telephonically so we set up a meeting to meet you on site as we offer a no obligation free consultation and quote to establish what you require and then we work with you to design the best solution for your
project. We pride ourselves in submitting quotes in as short a time as possible after the consultation.

Can you give me a square meter rate for each product?
Not accurately, the preparation varies from job to job which in turn effects the m2 rate. This is why it is important that we see the area prior to quoting in order to deliver the most accurate quote possible.

How will I know what product is the right one for my area?
At the consultation we will advise you as to which products will best suit your area.


What is involved with the process once I give the go-ahead on the job?
Once we allocate your job to the next available date in our schedule, we will contact you with a proposed start date. Concrete Innovations employees will come and prepare the area and lay the product. Different products require different preparations and preparation also differs from job to job. We will advise you on the quote on an estimated time to complete the work.

Will your workers take care of adjacent areas, so as not to damage the paintwork on my walls and take care with my garden if the concrete is been laid near it?
Absolutely, we take great care not to damage your property in any way.
We also clean any mess and cart away any rubble created from the project.


How durable are the products?
All of our products are extremely hard-wearing and we will advise you as to the durability of each product.

Are the products maintenance free?
The beauty of most of our products is that they require very little maintenance. The advantage of those that do require some maintenance is that they can be maintained and kept in a pristine condition.

Can the products be laid over existing cracked concrete?
Yes, we repair the cracks and have a high rate of success. We cant absolutely guarantee that no crack will reappear, however if it does it will be small. The alternative is to remove the concrete and relay it, which is costly.

Can any of the products be laid over tiles.
Yes a number of them can.